Amber Dreams

Amber Dreams Cold Process Soap

The fragrances can be summed up in three words ‘ Warm and Inviting’. The intoxicating scent of amber combined with vanilla with undertones of sandalwood and musk. When I envisioned this soap, the scents caused me to think of a combination of earthiness and romance. I opted to use earthy tones of brown and bronze, […]

Witches Brew

Witches Brew Cold Process Soap

A Halloween inspired cold process soap. I had this picture in my mind of a witch getting intoxicated by her own enchanting brew and toppling over into the cauldron. The coloring is very different from my normal style and definitely stands in stark contrast to the enchanting scent. The colors of bright pink, purple and […]

Rainbow Tiger Stripe

Rainbow Tiger Stripe Gone Wrong

Rainbow Tiger Stripe Cold Process Soap – gone awry As you can tell, I’m not afraid to embrace my failures. Often we learn more from them than our successes. This especially true in cold process soaps where even our failed attempts can have a beautiful outcome. This Rainbow tiger stripe cold process soap is one […]