About Us

Classic Logo for DF CreationsWelcome to Digital Fairy Creations! Our website, Youtube channel, and social media prescience were created to showcase our work and provide us an opportunity to interact with other makers, creators, and genre fans. While most of our content and work deals with soaps, bath & body products, and home goods; this by no means represents our sole interests. Digital Fairy Creations is a place for us to let our imaginations run wild and try new ideas and products. You won’t find us trying to sell you our products under the Digital Fairy brand – this is a site for our creativity.

Outside of this web site, we are better known under the product labels/names of ‘Laughing Bear Soapworks’ and ‘Two Bears Sundries’. We specialize in small batch productions, white label wholesaling, and creation of custom event favors. Originally from the Southeast US, we are now based in the Buckeye state (Ohio) and are active in the regional natural product scene.

If you have questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or email us at [email protected] As always, be sure to stop by our Youtube channel to see what we are up to in the moment. We have some fun and exciting projects planned for the upcoming year. (I’m going to get to put my chemistry background to work.) 🙂