Black Friday Anticipation

As a child, I can remember being woken at 4 am every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Shuffled hurriedly through a morning routine of getting dressed and getting a quick breakfast (leftover turkey somehow always played a role), then everyone loading into the car and heading to the stores.

My mother was like a general preparing to go to war. Schedules were drawn, battle plans were readied, and we the weary but loyal troops were marshalled off to war. You see, I grew up on a farm, while we never went without, there often wasn’t a lot left for splurging. Black Friday deals were how we were able to afford gifts for family and friends; so everything had to be planned to the letter.

Fast forward to today, and you won’t find me standing in line at the store. It simply isn’t worth it to me today, and had we had the internet when I was a child I doubt it would have been for us then. But despite the change to my shopping venue, I still get excited about Black Friday. But, as a soaper and crafter, my shopping targets have changed.

I keep hopefully checking my email and facebook feeds for news of a vendor having a special discount or even an early bird special. All in the pursuit of more items to feed my soaping addiction.Aztec Candle Black Friday Sale

So far, only Aztec has satiated my desire for a sale. Their Black Friday sale begins in a few hours (Wednesday at noon). While I keep telling myself that I don’t need anymore fragrance oils, I know I will order. $11 dollars a pound for some of my most used fragrance oils is something even I can’t pass up. Nearly every fragrance is one that I am totally or nearly out of.

Of course, I will talk myself out of ordering until I remind myself that not only are the fragrance oils on sale, but I need other things from Aztec. Other things are 5% off and I do need more candle wax to finish up items, specifically I need more paraffin tart wax. But we will see if my will power can be maintained or if I fall prey to the enticing allure of even more fragrance oils.

If you are in need of fragrance oils, be sure to swing by Aztec’s Black Friday sale. It runs Wednesday 11/22 at Noon until Friday 11/24 at midnight.

Being ever vigilante for sales, if I happen to stumble across any good deals, I will let you know. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for any we stumble across. (Side note, wholesale supplies plus confirmed they are NOT having a sale. I am a tad disappointed as I need to order some more bottle lids – somehow I have about 300 bottles that have no matching lids and I want to use them up this season.

Post Author: Digital Fairy