Halloween Soap Tombstones – DIY Mold

Easy DIY project of how to make your own silicone mold.

All you need is:

  • 1 tube of 100% silicone caulk
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Water
  • A bowl
  • Something to use for an impression (ceramic mini tombstones in this video)

Basic instructions:

Add dishwashing liquid to a bowl of water, stir until dissolved. Depending upon the size of the mold you want to make pump an appropriate amount of 100% silicone caulk into the bowl (a tube will make 2 to 3 molds for me depending upon size). Wet your hands in the soap/water mixture and gather the silicone into a ball. Knead the silicone both in and out of the water until it begins to become more firm. The longer it is kneaded in the solution the more firm it will become. Once it reaches your desired consistency (for me firm enough to keep shape while still soft enough to make a good impression) remove and place ball on wax or freezer paper. I lightly wet the paper with the soap solution prior to placing the silicone to ensure it releases easily. Wet the items you want to make an impression of and press into silicone. Once finished let set for approximately 30 minutes to allow the silicone to cure (make take an hour depending upon length of kneading). The mold is ready to use immediately or you can let it further cure overnight.

Finding the perfect silicone mold for any project can be a challenge and often when you do, the cost is beyond reasonable. For less than the price of typical silicone molds, you can make you own at home to meet your specific needs. These molds are reusable and perfect for making wax or soap embeds. The mold I made in this video was used almost immediately to make tombstone soap embeds for Halloween soaps and soap cupcakes – and it is still in perfect shape ready to make even more.

At the end of the video, I briefly showed making the embeds. I utilized melt and pour soap colored with Nurture Soap’s Platinum Grey mica and incorporated some Glow in the Dark powder also from Nurture Soap. After making, I brushed with Black Knight mica (from Wholesale Supplies Plus) to highlight the detailing. I didn’t show in the video, but they have a nice eerie ghoulish green glow that looked great as part of my Back from the Dead soap cupcakes.

Post Author: Digital Fairy