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Whoever thought having a logo made could be so hard. I love Fiverr for many things. I never cease being amazed by the talent of many of the designers. I also find that I can browse through the gigs and often get inspiration and ideas.

Over the years, I have used Fiverr for tons of different projects both personal and for my day job. But seeking a logo for this site has been a special challenge. Whenever I would contract for something for the day job, I usually had a good sized budget and could go with some of the top gigs. In doing so, I knew that I could give them a partial idea and often get back some amazing items that would be revised until perfect.

But, when the budget is smaller, as in $5 or $10 bucks. Well, let’s just say that quality and customer satisfaction is hit or miss. Too many of those sellers over promise and under deliver. Add to this significant language and cultural barriers (few of the cheaper sellers are domestic) and you have a recipe for a somewhat more challenging experience. One where patience is essential.

The Project

So what is the project that I sought to commission? Well, this particular project was a logo for this site and my Youtube channel that was a cartoon style mascot that would fit well with my project goals.

The basics of the project specs: a male fairy in a cartoon style that was not sexualized (no super buff, nearly naked, big crotched fairy). The project also called for the artist to incorporate themes related to bath and body products. I gave them the ideas of surrounded by bubbles, the character leaning over a bubble bath, using a bar of soap, standing over a bowl with bubbles rising, or anything that would evoke images of bath and body. I shared that the vision in my head at that time was a male fairy in profile sitting atop of stylized flower with bubbles rising from it (sort of a flower bathtub with a fairy silhouette bathing.

I even went so far as to attach samples and a couple of really rough mocked up sketches I did.

The Results

The first time through, I picked two sellers who had nice work and reviews in their portfolio. One came back with a female fairy that looked like she was porn star wannabe. The other came back with a female fairy over a stove cooking a steak (I kid you not). Of course after a couple of tries at getting revisions and a project that was on track, I filed a dispute and got a refund. (Thus I can’t show the items as I don’t own them).Logo Fairy Girl

Round 2, this time I selected two more sellers one with a background doing cartoon work and another with no reviews (thought I would take a shot). The cartoonist came back with yet another female fairy and no real tie in to soaping or bath products. The last, the unexperienced one did come back with something that was more in line but still wrong. He came back with a female fairy atop bubbles with a scripted font. After everything else, I decided I would have to settle, so I asked for a few revisions primarily with the text and the fairies crown? He came back with the same thing. I sent it back for revision again, he sent back the same thing. Finally, on the last round he made a change – he changed the font color slightly. Given everything I had gone through, I gave up and decided to accept. I did so knowing that I would make some tweaks and changes and it might be okay.

Anyway the moral of this story. I sort of have a logo, one that I do not really like but that I don’t hate. One that doesn’t totally fit my brand. And one that I am still seeking an artist to replace. But I have decided to use it for now while I come with a clear vision of what I want and grow to be okay with spending more for the project. lol

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