Oil Blend Test Batch 2017/6/12

Testing new batches and new formulations is an exercise of love and despair for most soapers. There is nothing better than trying a new blend and experiencing a eureka moment because it exhibits the properties you have been looking for. Ever in pursuit of a better blend, I regularly test new combinations.

With each, I will try fragrances and techinques both known and yet to try. All to see how they behave in comparison to previous batches and blends.

My June 2017 oil blend has a number of benefits, but it isn’t my eureka. The blend was very slow moving when water discounted up to levels of 28%. It worked well with all fragrance oils with the exception of one that did accelerate set-up. No batches or fragrance combinations experienced any ricing or seizing.

The blend was

300 g Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)
600 g Canola Oil
300g Castor Oil
20 g Jojoba oil
800 g Coconut Oil
1000 g Palm Oil
300 g Shea Butter

Per 1000 g oil – 139.295 g lye

Post Author: Digital Fairy