Lone Star Candle Supply Fragrance Haul

A few weeks ago, Lone Star Candles had a sample sale. Their 1 ounce sample bottles were either $1 or $1.25 depending upon the fragrance. I do love sample discount sales, I usually end up buying way too many and this time was no different.

First off, let me say that I had never ordered from Lone Star before this sale. I only learned of it because on a whim, I started following them and few other suppliers on Facebook (specifically I added a bunch of suppliers that others gave good reviews too).

Order turn time was good; ordered in the evening and the next day it shipped. Delivery time was a little less stellar. I admit, I am spoiled. I am used to delivery times that typically never exceed 2 to 3 days. Between Amazon prime, and being within less than 3 hours from more than half a dozen different suppliers, I am used to very fast delivery. It is a definite luxury. Unfortunately, this delivery took a solid week. The delivery time was reasonable given the distance – coming in at 7 days from order date. (This is the same reason that I almost never order from Brambleberry. They have amazing items, but shipping time just kills it for me.)

As I mentioned earlier, this was a few weeks ago. I just got around to opening them and scenting the different samples. Overall rating … okay. There were a few standouts, but most of the scents were IMHO just okay.

A friend of mine has been looking for a good Pear Glace duplicate ever since Victoria’s Secret discounted the scent. Unfortunately, Lone Star’s did not pass muster in this case. I am not a fan of that particular scent, but those that tested it told me it wasn’t quite right. I will have to take their word for it.

The standout to me was one of their exclusive line. The scent is called ‘Rugged’. They describe it as “An exotic men’s fine fragrance with notes of raspberry, chocolate, and patchouli.” The description doesn’t do it justice. Typically I do not like any of those 3 primary scent notes, but in combination it is just intoxicating. While it is marketed as a men’s type fragrance, I think it works well for either gender or just as a general scent. It was also the first I made soap with, I was that taken with it.

Lone Star Candle Supply Fragrance Haul
Fragrance oil haul from Long Star Candle Supply

The ‘White Nectarine & Pink Coral’ and ‘White Tea & Ginger’ were both nice scents that I had not scented before from other vendors. Otherwise, at least with the scents that I ordered, they were all pretty standard fare that was consistent with what I would find from any vendor.

Note. I made three batches with the scents so far. Of the 3, ‘Rugged’ came out strong; ‘Coffee’ was strong in the bottle and initially in the soap but has as of now faded, and ‘Georgia Peach’ (smelled great in the bottle) but faded out even before cutting. In their defense, I have yet to find an accurate ‘Georgia Peach’ type scent that hasn’t faded out almost immediately – finding this is my windmill or white whale as I love a true peach and the only ones that seem to stick in cold process are the artificial smelling ones. Lol.

In the end, they are not my favorite supplier, but they aren’t my least favorite either. They fall somewhere in the middle. The shipping time is a big con for me and the price is a little higher than some other vendors offering similar items. I will probably go back again in the future if for no other reason than to get more of ‘Rugged’ – I am really liking this scent.

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