Island Petals Cold Process Soap

When good soap goes bad, what’s a person to do? We could trash it, rebatch it, or we can cure it shred it. That is the inspiration of this soap.

A couple of weeks ago, I had something happen that I have never had happen before. I was making some cold process embed hearts (Really Red colorant from Nurture Soap). Everything was fine until I poured it into the mold. Approximately 30 minutes after it was poured, the soap began to rise. The best description I can give is that it behaved like a biscuit cooking in the oven. It held its shape perfectly, but it increased in height by about 50%. The outer portion of the soap changed colors to a medium pink color – there was lots of soda ash, but that doesn’t fully explain the color change. When I unmolded the soap, I cut into a few of the embeds, the inside was a dark vibrant red that faded to the exterior pink. The really odd part was the bottom third of each embed had bubbles. Not air bubbles like you sometimes get in batter, but bubbles that look liked it had been boiling. Never before and never since have I seen anything like it.

To cut to the chase, why didn’t I just chuck the bunch? Well, when I tried washing with it, it was the most gentle and bubbly soap I have ever made. Despite the craziness it had great washing properties. I put it aside to cure some and had largely forgotten about it until I stumbled across it one day and decided to use it to make confetti. The soap was unscented, so I cleaned the discolored sections and grated the soap to make about 3 lbs of confetti.

Island Petals was the first soap to use some of this confetti; it was just a simple white and red confetti soap that has an enchanting scent.

Colorants: Titanium Dioxide / Nurture Soap Really Red (confetti embeds)

Fragrance Oil: CandleScience Island Hibiscus

Additives: Kanolin Clay (used to suspend the fragrance oil); Reconstituted Goat’s Milk (from powder) added at emulsion

Lye source: Essential Depot

Oil Blend (weight in grams): Palm Oil 260, Coconut Oil 250, Canola Oil 200, Castor Oil 87

Confetti Weight: 100 grams

The scent was very strong at cutting, but later faded. The scent returned after a short period and has stayed strong since.

Post Author: Digital Fairy