Confetti Soap Cold Process Soap

Confetti soap bars
Confetti soap bars


This confetti soap was made with leftover soap base from our cherry blossom cold process soap and the remaining red confetti.

Fragrance Oil: see cherry blossom listing, but also contains and additional .5 oz of Bulk Apothecary Japanese Cherry Blossom. The additional fragrance was to ensure a strong fragrance despite the additional unscented confetti added.

The confetti used in this is the same as in the cherry blossom and island petals soap. It came from a batch that behaved in an unusual way. The particular batch rose like a biscuit as it saponified. I have never seen that behavior before and still can’t explain it. The outcome was that the red color was extremely intense and the soap was so amazingly gentle and moisturizing. I am both glad and sad it has never happened since. lol


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